Enrollment with Young Living and Starter Kits

Young Living Enrollment Kits give you the opportunity to buy at wholesale. As a distributor (no, you don't have to sell or distribute anything; but you can if you want to), you will be able to purchase products at a 24% savings. This is a considerable savings, and well worth the small investment in the enrollment kit. There are several to choose from, as you can see below. It's kind of like getting a Sam's card or a Costco card, only you won't have to renew it every 12 months if you are purchasing at least 50 PV worth of product over that 12-month period! It's a no-brainer... Join Young Living today and start improving your life! It's all about better quality living and wellness.
The Start Living Enrollment Kit is the basic minimum requirement for a wholesale account. It is also included in all the product kits: Everyday Oils Enrollment Kit, NingXia Red Enrollment Kit, Thieves Enrollment Kit, and the Slique Enrollment Kit. If you want an even better deal, choose one of the product Enrollment Kits, and get started right away with essential oils and oil-enhanced products that are toxic free and will enhance your life on all levels. Join me in Young Living - you will be glad you did! Get started HERE

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Starter Kits for Enrollment
Start Living Kit Start Living with Everyday OilsStart Living with NingXia Red

Start Living with Slique Start Living with ThievesStart Living with 5 Day Nutritive Cleanse

Start Living with Young Living..

The Benefits of Network Marketing (Watch this short video)...

Some people are reluctant to order when they realize Young Living is a Network Marketing company. We understand that some network marketing companies have followed aggressive and/or questionable practices. But Young Living upholds the highest ethics and principles. We do not engage in aggressive or questionable practices of any kind. Ever!

The Young Living system was created to serve you. We network to:

- Provide you with the highest quality essential oils and supplements
- Educate and inform
- To keep product quality standards as high as possible
- To bring you the latest developments in research and news as fast as we can.

Buying from Young Living is very much like going to Costco to get wholesale prices - where you can't get through the door without a membership card.

Robert Kiyosaki, international best-selling author, explains it this way:

When people say that network marketing is a 'pyramid scheme,' they don't understand what they're talking about. Structurally, all successful businesses are pyramids.

Here's the difference: major corporations like General Motors, IBM, and Microsoft are not designed to pull you up; they're only designed to make the top of the pyramid rich. They make the rich richer. . . (but) a successful, solid, honest, network marketing company is a true Information Age corporation.

Kiyosaki understands that network marketing provides a legitimate and important business system that is assessible to all.

Young Living found that network marketing was the least expensive, most effective way to market their products because it cuts out the middleman, spreads knowledge and information faster, keeps their products fresher, supports their customers better, and allows them to receive more personalized assistance than they could in the retail sector.

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