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Eyes and Vision Testimonials
Stroke Experience with NingXia Red
No More Pink Eye


Food Poisoning Normally Requires Urgent Care Visit
Coughing, Bronchitis, And Strep Are No More
Teen Boy Is Overcoming The Anxiety Of School
My Daughter Knows What To Do For Bruises
Bee Stings Normally Stay Swollen And Sore For Days
Pain On Foot After Misstepping In The Carport
Decades Of Migraines Have Disappeared
The Post-exercise Routine That Works Best For Me
My Thyroid Issue Led To Various Health Problems
Achieving Even-toned Skin With The A.R.T Products
Minimize Your Scar Tissue After A Surgery
Seed Wart On My Hand Stayed Around For Many Years
Mouth Ulcer Vanished After Applying Valor
Cracked Rough Heels Go Away With Thieves Bar Soap
You Can Overcome Strong Emotions After Separation
Use Lavender For Zits Or Chemotherapy Relief
Detoxing A Child After Synthetic Candle Exposure
Hand Puncture Wound While Cutting An Avocado
Bronchitis And Throat Infection Gone In 2.5 Days
Grandma Used Clove Powder I Use Clove Oil
Found Itch Relief From A Yeast Infection
I Saved My Fish Tank From Fungus Ick
I Found A Lump In My Left Breast
Skin Tags Can Go Without The Use Of Hot Oils
My Mother-in-Law Is Sleeping Much Better At Night
I Stopped The Bleeding After Slicing My Finger
Radiation Burn Healed With Animal Scents Ointment
Feeling Grounded After Being Faint And Unsteady
Lower Back And Leg Pain Has Abated
Suffered With Psoriasis Most Of My Adult Life
I Am Having Success With Diabetes
Relief From Years Of Chronic Hip Pain
Doctor Said I No Longer Need Hypertension Medicine
The Ugly Warts Are Disappearing
Breathing Freely After Using Thieves Lozenges
Aromashapes Technique For Detoxing And Weight Loss
Intense Itching From Chigger Bites
Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis The Natural Way
How To Reduce The Swelling In A Swollen Gland
Small Dog Recovered After A Serious Fall
Dermatitis Is Almost A Thing Of The Past
Neighbor Had A Ganglion Cyst Disappear In Days
In The Blazing Sun For Two Hours Without Sunscreen
There Is Wisdom In Allowing A Seasonal Cold
Ditched Depression Medication During Pregnancy
Thermogram Shows Internal Scar Tissue Dissolved
Bellyache Relief Better Than Pepto-Bismol
Helped My Anxious Dog To Finally Rest
Smelly Feet, UTI And Constipation Are Now Gone
Palm Scorched On Stovetop While Making Popcorn
Gum Tissue Surgery Healed Rapidly
Natural Deodorant That Actually Works!
A Cough Remedy That Worked During A Sleepover
My Son Was Stung By A Red Wasp
Muscle Ache Remedy Kept Right On The Nightstand
Combat Facial Blemishes With The Everyday Oils Kit
Excruciating Pain From Dental Surgery
Molar Extraction Healed In Record Time

An Invigorating, Soothing And Healthy Drink
Kitty Raindrop Helped To Save My 16 Year Old Cat
Dealing With Nightmares With Peace & Calming
I Refer To RC Oil As Respiratory Condition
Painful Upper Gum And Sore Throat For Three Years
Stopped A Cough Dead In The Middle Of A Concert
Severe Skin Infection Cleared Up Nicely With Oils
Surgeon Requested My Scar Healing Secret
My Son Pulled His Groin During A Workout
Broken Tooth During A Family Vacation
Mystery Rash On Child Spread From Neck To Face
Oils Are Great For Allergies And Sinus Issues
Degenerative Arthritis In My Back
Prevented Ringworm Outbreak At The Animal Shelter
Lower Blood Pressure And Curb Sweet Cravings
Instant Back Relief From Sciatica Nerve Discomfort
My Bladder Cancer Has Not Returned For Two Years
No Sore Throat For Almost A Year
The Huge Mole On My Back Is Gone Now
Moms Fainting And Seizure Spells Stopped
Supporting My Immune System At Bedtime
Remove Sticky Unidentified Residue From Fabric
Not Wearing Eye Glasses Anymore
Chronic Ear Infections No Longer Plague My Son
No More Hand Tremors Or Shaking!
Alignment And Balance Achieved Through Massage
Memory, Alertness, & Focus Needed For Major Exam
Essential Oil Recipe Called Morphine Bomb
The Cracked Skin Around My Mouth Cleared Up
Bruised My Shin By Walking Into A Bench
Photos Are Available Of My Pink Eye Experience
Mary Transformed Depression And Hopelessness
Deep Feelings Of Inner-peace With Awaken Oil Blend
A Hypnotherapy Client That Lacked Confidence
Horse With West Nile Spared From Death
Getting Good Sleep During Pregnancy
Migraine Remedy Has Incredible Cooling Sensation
Drug Free Labor With No Tearing During Birth
Shocked How Effective Oil Is On Midwest Allergies
Fixed Back Pain, Feeling In Toes And Sleep
Success With Post Bone Surgery Pain And Bleeding

Cancer Went Away And Surprised My Doctor
How I Got Rid Of Asthma & Allergies
Lemongrass For Vericose Veins
Gum Infection Resolved
The Many Uses Of Wintergreen And Peppermint
The Wonders Of Spikenard Oil
I Am Done With Blood Pressure Meds!
Magically Healed From Eczema
Endoflex To Help Balance Thyroid
Parasites And Yeast
Once A Size 12, I Am Now A 6
Reversed My Receding Hairline
Weight Gain Reversed And Hair & Nails Strengthened
Fibromyalgia / Chronic Fatigue / Brain Fog
Liver Cancer Is History
My Custom Blend Of Oils For My Face
Complete Allergy Relief From Pollen!
Losing Fat And Very Happy
My Recipes For Cellulite And Varicose Veins
Eyesight Improved By 40%
Overcoming Snoring And Sleep Apnea
High Blood Pressure
What I Use For Wrinkles Instead Of Botox
Knee Pain And Bone-on-bone Arthritis
Cold Sore Gone In A Day
Overcoming A Nicotine Addiction
Recipe When Dealing With Infection
Tinnitus & Middle Ear Infection
Ocotea And Blood Sugar
Ocotea Assists In Balancing PH Of Body
A Remedy For COPD
Stomach Cancer & Allergies Are Gone After 14 Weeks
Immediate Relief In My Hip
Ocotea For Weight Loss
Fifteen Years Of Insomnia Cured
Pain Relief That Works Like Natural Cortizone!
I Don't Want Hot Flashes Coming Back
Adrenal Restoration And Regeneration
Lovely Skin In Just A Few Days
Secret Recipe For Facial Sun Spots
Stress Management Suggestions
First Aid Kit For College Students
Essential Oil Recipe Called Morphine Bomb
Pain Free From Fibromyalgia
Oils For Grief And Change
My Stroke Experience
Rheumatoid Arthritis
JuvaCleanse To Dissolve Gall Stones
Flush Your Liver Stones To Obtain Wonderful Skin
Diabetes And Extra Weight Are Behind Me
Colitis And Osteoarthritis Have Improved
Hair Loss From Menopause And Stress
Kidney Stones Easily Passed
Clary Sage For Hot Flashes, Menopause, Insomnia
Weight Management
Sinus Infection Cured: General Wellness Education
Noahs Awesome Autism Testimony
Reducing High Blood Pressure
Lowered Blood Sugar In An Hour
Frankincense For Eczema
No More Prescriptions For High Blood Pressure
Natural Antibiotic Solves Sinus Pressure
I Lowered My Cholesterol The Natural Way
Ningxia Red Effects During Chemotherapy For Cancer
Happy With Improved Eyesight!
Who Needs Xanax Anymore?
Coriander Oil For Type II Diabetes
Age Spots Faded Away In Two Weeks
Racing Heart Beat Calmed With Oils
Diarrhea And IBS For Over 20 Years
NingXia Red, Diabeties And Weight Loss
Terrible Seasonal Allergies Since I Was A Child
My Favorite Oils For Facial Skin Care
Coconut Oil Pulling Improves Oral Health
Diabetic Oil Blend
Some Oils Really Do Promote Weight Loss
Respiratory Issues From Sinus To Pneumonia
Our Family Uses The Lavender Swipe For Allergies
Tinnitus, Vertigo, Mid-ear Ringing
Not One Tick Landed On Me While In The Forest
Dealing With Allergies From Dust & Mold
Diabetes Experiment
I Lowered My LDL Cholesterol Readings
An Alternative To Thyroid Medication
I Got Rid Of The Dandruff Flakes In My Hair
Bone Spur That Kept Getting Larger
How I Stopped Hair Loss
Fibromyalgia And Depression Are Finally Gone
Itchy Eczema And Psoriasis Is Under Control
Brain Power And Its Effect On Autism
Stress Away Helped Heal Neuralgia
My Blood Pressure Normalized Without Medications
I Have Cat Fleas Under Control
Losing Weight With Young Living Products
Reversing Osteoporosis Over Time
Face Yoga Exercises Help With Wrinkles
Quickly Lowered Blood Pressure!
No More Steroid Nasal Inhaler For Allergies
I Refuse To Give My Son ADHD Prescriptions

Detailed Testimonials

Facial Trauma And Profuse Bleeding
Experience At The Young Life Research Clinic
My Severe Case Of Postpartum Depression
I Was Hit By A Semi Truck
Pneumonia Did Not Last Long
Pain Free From Fibromyalgia
Sinus Infection Cured: General Wellness Education
JuvaCleanse To Dissolve Gall Stones
Bowel Cancer And High Blood Pressure At Age 82
Vet Said Put Our Colt Down
We Overcame Newborn Jaundice
Horse With West Nile Spared From Death
Healing With Oils After A Paralyzing Stroke
Colitis And Osteoarthritis Have Improved
Weight Loss With Citrus Fresh And Grapefruit
Adrenal Restoration And Regeneration
I Had An Allergy-based Illness Called Cedar Fever
Doctors Found A Mass In Husbandís Left Lung
Amalgam Fillings Removed
Noahs Awesome Autism Testimony
Ningxia Red Effects During Chemotherapy For Cancer
Colon CA Integrative Approach/boost Immune System
Massed Index Finger And Cut Thumb
Using Essential Oils For Healing Canine Surgery
Stress Away Helped Heal Neuralgia
I Avoided A Root Canal And Became A Believer
Pain Formula Worked Great On Fibroid Tumor Surgery
Frankincense And Myrrh For Childbirth
Deep Relief Works In Seconds On Broken Toe
Torn Ligaments In Ankle
Long Menstrual Bleeding & Cervical Pre Cancer
My Miscarriage Experience
Success With Post Bone Surgery Pain And Bleeding
Mystery Allergy To Peppermint Revealed
Face Yoga Exercises Help With Wrinkles
Small Dog Recovered After A Serious Fall
A Traumatic Experience At The Ice Rink
Severe Allergic Reaction From Running Too Hard
Kidney Stones Passed
Oxygen Miracle Using Cedarwood And R.C.
The Many Uses Of Wintergreen And Peppermint
Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia Aided By Tangerine Oil
Flea And Tick Prevention Using Purification
The Raindrop Technique Helps Myofascial Pain
Fibromyalgia / Chronic Fatigue / Brain Fog
How NingXia Red And Essential Oils Saved Me
Drinking Ningxia Red Can Improve Vision
Wound And Gangrene Healed Up Without A Scar!
First Aid Kit For College Students
Tooth Abscess Healed With Thieves And Ningxia Red
Lemongrass For Lyme Disease Or Gulf War Syndrome
A Yellow Belly And A Brown Raised Skin Growth
I Got Hit By A Truck
Menstrual Cramps, Irregular Cycles & Menopause
Sister Was A Victim From Brown Recluse Spider
Brown Recluse Spider Bite In Greenhouse
Son Got Head Lice From School
Ear Infection & Permanent Hearing Loss Reversed
Relief From Years Of Chronic Hip Pain
TMJ - A Client Experience
Flying With Essential Oils
Health Survivor Shares Her Story
Diabetes And Extra Weight Are Behind Me
When I Have A Cold Or Flu Symptoms
My Knee Pain Disappeared After Bowel Cleansing
Lotus Placenta Birth Care With Essential Oils
Used Cypress On Facial Cut That Involved Stitches
Blood Clot Healed And Amazed The Doctor
Cat Seizure
My Spider Bite Ordeal And How The Oils Helped
How I Got Rid Of Asthma & Allergies
My First Aid Or Personal Care Kit
My Recipes For Cellulite And Varicose Veins
Hearing Aid Use Led To Frequent Ear Infections
How We Keep Our Hot Tub Clean
The Death Of Hundreds Of Painful Parasites
Impressive Heavy Metals Detox
Perineal Massage Aids In A Natural Birth
A Virus That Was Supposedly Osteomyelitis
Plumbing Injury And Thieves Oil
Our Son's Fever And Ear Discomfort
Hot Flashes & Sleep Improved With Progessence Plus
A.R.T. Skin Care For Burn Repair
Assistance With Alzheimer's
Amalgam Removal Detox Helped By Juva Cleanse
Vomiting Without Warning
CostoChondritis And Yeast
Relief From Headaches, Actinic Keratoses And Hives
Dog Infected From Getting A Microchip
Thieves Household Cleaner And Foam Soap
The Beauty Serum For Dry Skin Improved My Eczema
How Oils Helped Me Through A Throat Infection.
So You Think Essential Oils Just Smell Nice?
Building A Successful Business Thanks To Clarity
Menstral Regularity, Sleep, Digestion, Hair Loss
Sinus Infection Nipped In The Bud!
Old Stroke Recovery And Kidneys
Muscle And Nerve Damaged Leg
Back Pain
Horse Down, Hysterical Owner With Amputated Leg

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